The BE (Business Enterprise) Inspired project aims to promote business enterprise and entrepreneurship for adults with intellectual disabilities (AID), in a way that is both innovative and inspiring. The project will enable its European partners to take an existing award winning Business Enterprise programme and tailor it to meet the needs of adults with disabilities, as there is currently no such programme available for AID of this type.

This programme will expose trainees to entrepreneurial thinking, action and real life problem solving. It will focus on identifying, documenting, and disseminating best practice in business enterprise and entrepreneurship for people with intellectual learning disabilities across Europe. The overall tangible outcome of the BE Inspired project is the development of an accredited business enterprise programme for people with intellectual disabilities using multimedia and blended learning.

The course will be used by VET organisations, further education colleges, and supported employment organisations, and will be marketed through networks, including the European Union of Supported Employment and its member countries, and through implementing thorough dissemination and exploitation plans. It is anticipated that the long term impact of the BE Inspired project will be demonstrated in the mainstreaming of the course to further education colleges and vocational training organisations across Europe, thereby encouraging the increased entrance of AID to the labour market.

BE Inspired European Launch, 17 October 2014

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